High performance compressors

Ultraclean air, free of all contamination is an essential part of modern dentistry. We offer specialist compressors and understand completely the demands of a contemporary surgery.

Handpiece quality at best prices

It’s our commitment to the dental professional and our passion for excellence that enables us to deliver the best dental handpieces, turbines, and other equipment to dentists and dental technicians.

Prophylaxis products

Apart from superior comfort and extended service life, our prophylaxis instruments offer high resistance to abrasive cleaning pastes and can withstand constant and repeated sterilizations.

Better comfort - better control

Our seating is ergonomically designed to promote the best posture possible. This is achieved by shaping the seats and providing a high quality chassis which offers full and independent adjustment.

Implantology systems

iChiropro is a versatile and ergonomic system offering guaranteed efficiency. Micromotor with ceramic ball bearings, and contra-angle with an irrigation system inside the instrument. Straight handpiece with high rotation speed.

Spare parts

With over 100 new items, explore our online catalog to uncover the dental parts used by nearly all major equipment manufacturers in the world.

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Dental Product Categories


Spare Part Categories